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Claims for Life After Sunnydale RPG
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This is a "claims" community for the RPG beyond_buffy.
Members of this RPG may claim people (i.e. harm_kendall may claim her good friend hi_imamanda), things (claiming your desk/stake/someone's coffee) etc...

This is a closed community for members of beyond_buffy only. Once you claim something, you should receive a banner for it shortly!

All banners for your claims are made by tinkermellie


People Claims
willowberry is claimed by t_t_tara (and vise-versa)
xander_thegreat is claimed by willowberry
luvskirts_molly is claimed to be buffy_as_she_is' official protege'
younoticedthat is claimed by rather_british

Personal Traits/Stuff
harm_kendall has claimed her fashion sense
rather_british has claimed the right to say, "Oh dear Lord" anywhere, and anytime
morgan_lilah has claimed the right to intimidate all the potential slayers whenever she wants

Other Person's Traits/Stuff
rather_british's glasses are claimed by younoticedthat
anya_ankyanka's "strangly litteral-ness" is claimed by willowberry
anya_ankyanka's firm yet supple... tight embrace is claimed by xander_thegreat
anya_ankyanka's fear of bunnies is claimed by rather_british
younoticedthat has claimed mr_angel's old school angst

t_t_tara & willowberry's sexy lesbian lovin' is claimed by xander_thegreat

All hotpockets and pop-tarts have been claimed by the_0ther_guy