Just to kick things back into motion here...

buffy_as_she_is would like to claim luvskirts_molly as her official protege'. She loves all her girls to bits and pieces, but has recently developed a special soft spot for the sweet, shy little note-taking British potential who seems to hang on to her every word.

*Hugs the Mollyness*

Of course, this means that Buffy will also be waking poor Molly up extra early for training...
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Bitch Please (tinkermellie)

(no subject)

And hey! Time for another claim. Wheeee...

Eve claims...

The right to annoy the crap out of Angel, whenever, wherever.

Oh boo yah. Beat Lilah too it. Wah ha ha ha.
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Andrew Closeup (islandofhope)

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Since I just couldn't resist posting here...

Andrew claims...


Oh yes, no one shall seperate this boy from his two foods of choice, thank you ever so much.
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All offically-like...

In return to pumpkinbelly's claiming of Buffy and her blonde hair...

buffy_as_she_is would like to claim her little sister Dawnie, and her lovely lips, as to ensure that no boys get to kiss them without going through the approval process of big sister herself!

Buffy would like to stick her tongue out at any of Dawn's future potential dates. Nyah nyah nyah.
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Xanderesque claiming

Xander here wants to claim Willow and Tara's sexy lesbian lovin' for his own, very personal benefits.

*shifty eyes*


Well he was going to claim Buffy and Faith's relationship, but then he'd just get his ass kicked all over LA.
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